Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabidiol CBD – Now Available! in limited quantities in limited locations at unpredictable times


Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is the major non-psychoactive component of medicinal cannabis.

It antagonizes the psychoactive properties of THC without disabling its benefits.

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Patients interested in obtaining high-CBD cannabis and learning more about it can do so here: click on “Project CBD.”

According to Project CBD:

“CBD is the predominant cannabinoid in plants bred for fiber (hemp). THC is predominant in plants bred for psychoactive effect.” CBD is more commonly found in ditch weed.

“CBD is lipid (fat, not water) soluble, which enables it to get into places in the brain that conventional neurotransmitters cannot reach. CBD is a potent anti-oxidative agent. It directly activates serotonin receptors, thereby triggering an anti-depressant effect. CBD interacts synergistically with THC to cause an enhanced medicinal impact while muting THC’s psychoactivity.”


Dispensaries interested in carrying high-CBD cannabis should notify Project CBD.


We are interested in your response to high-CBD strains. Please help us collect anonymous data here.


Watch the difference between CBD and THC as it was injected intravenously and filmed in a BBC documentary, discussed here.


G.W.Pharmaceuticals, a British company, has done extensive research on cannabis, grown cannabis and tested whole-plant extracts for medical use since 1998. They manufacture Sativex, the oral cannabis spray that is roughly half THC and half CBD. Dr. Guy is the lead spokesman for them. NORML BLOG summarized a 2005 article on CBD by doctors Ethan Russo and Geoffrey Guy. .


“CBD is demonstrated to antagonise some undesirable effects of THC including intoxication, sedation and tachycardia, while contributing analgesic, anti-emetic, and anti-carcinogenic properties in its own right. In modern clinical trials, this has permitted the administration of higher doses of THC, providing evidence for clinical efficacy and safety for cannabis based extracts in treatment of spasticity, central pain and lower urinary tract symptoms in multiple sclerosis, as well as sleep disturbances, peripheral neuropathic pain, brachial plexus avulsion symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis and intractable cancer pain. Prospects for future application of whole cannabis extracts in neuroprotection, drug dependency, and neoplastic disorders are further examined. The hypothesis that the combination of THC and CBD increases clinical efficacy while reducing adverse events is supported”


O’Shaughnessy’s, The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice, in the summer 2010 issue reported strains rich in CBD will be available intermittently in dispensaries by late summer and in months ahead. The richest plants in California found to contain CBD are “True Blueberry/OG Kush” and “Women’s collective Stinky Purple” with 13.9% and 9.7% respectively, however CBD-rich is being defined as containing more than 4% cannabidiol by weight. “More than 9,000 samples have been tested by Steep Hills lab in Oakland” and “Full Spectrum lab in Denver has tested 4,500 strains” according to Summer 2010 issue of O’Shaughnessy’s.


Thanks to the philanthropists who donated large sums for purchase of the equipment needed to test for CBD. I understand each Gas liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) machine cost at least $100,000. Technicians required extensive training and time to achieve the technical skill and many marijuana plants will need to be tested to find more plants with CBD.


The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and

is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider.


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